Our procedures are very simple and must be followed at all times no exceptions!
1. Buyer issues ICPO (Irrevocable corporate purchase order) + Proof of Funds.
2. PGX Corp will issue FCO Full corporate offer with price, terms and full procedure.
3. Buyer must sign, seal FCO and agree to the price and terms.
4. PGX Corp will issue draft SPA (sales purchase agreement) for approval or approved amendments.
5. Buyer will sign each page and seal contract agreeing to the terms and revert to PGX Corp.
6. Buyer will issue agreed instrument to PGX Corp bank on agreed timeframe in contract.
7. Once instrument is confirmed PGX Corp will issue 2% PB (performance bond) and POP (proof of product) with agreed timeframe in contract.
8. Shipment, SGS and loading commences as per contract.
Please note that we do not follow buyers procedures and or change ours. In order for us to supply you all buyers must follow our simple procedure.