No rock, gravel, sand, larger pieces of wood or any particles that are harmful to Human consumption.
Oil: 18.5% basis, minimum 18.0%;
Protein 35.0%, minimum 34.0%;

Splits Kernel: 20.0% maximum;
Foreign Material: 1% basis, maximum 2%;

Moisture: 13.5% maximum;
Total Damaged Kernel: 3.00% basis, maximum 3.50%; Heat Damaged Kernels: 0.5% maximum;
Test weight: 54lbs/bushel minimum;
Soybeans other color: 2 % maximum;
Husks: no husks;
Origin: Brazil.

Corn is graded based on many factors. Animal droppings, bird droppings, castor beans, cockleburs, crotalaria seeds, dockage, garlic, live insects, large stones, moisture, temperature and any unknown foreign substances. Grown in many countries with applicable temperatures and soil conditions.


Moisture: maximum 14%

Heat Damaged Kernels: 0.5% maximum

Total Damaged Kernels: 3.5% maximum

Proteins: 9% maximum

Admixture: 2.5% maximum

Aflatoxin Total: 20% maximum

Hectoliters: 68KC minimum

Weight of Bushel in lbs.: 54 minimum

Foreign Material: 3%

Radiation: None

Poisonous Seeds: 2 seeds/100kg

Origin: South America